Jonas Loeb lets hair down with latest single, ‘Mane’

In his third single of the year, Jonas Loeb released the heavy drumstep track ‘Mane’ at Midnight Monday, during the height of a full lunar eclipse. Featuring an embracing flow, squiggly bassline, infectious melody, and purposeful lack of vocals, this song is for those moments when you crank the volume, forget your problems, and live […]

Jonas Loeb Enthralls with ‘Tomorrow’, Announces First EP in a Decade

Jonas Loeb released his experimental bass track ‘Tomorrow’ on Dope & Mean Records Tuesday. The song collides entrancing arpeggios, glitchy lasers, and an otherworldly chorus to present a renewed yet familiar vision of the future. The song is about allowing the unexpected to flow through as creativity, and recognizing discomfort as the first step of […]

Quick Write: On Tomorrow

I’m so excited to unveil the cover art for my for my new song “Tomorrow”, which comes out April 19, 2022 on all platforms! I love imbuing my art with big questions and philosophy to stoke my curiosity on behalf of listeners. Thus, the following text appears on the cover art: “Tomorrow is a paradox. […]

Jonas Loeb Brings Thunder With New Single ‘Force of Nature’

With ‘Force of Nature’, Jonas Loeb presents a thundering yet groovy euphony as the second Single for his forthcoming “Dark Arps EP”, which is slated to be released this summer. Wet atmospheres join with smooth percussion, resulting in a dark flow just waiting to transport you somewhere to weather out a storm. Discussing the song, […]

Wrapped, wrapped. What Spotify Missed.

Once upon each year in December, social media users from all corners of the globe frantically race to post the results of their “Spotify Wrapped.” All the cool kids are doing it… from music fans to musicians. But Spotify Wrapped missed my favorite album, EP, and single of the year. Sure, the stats don’t lie, […]

Jonas Loeb Breaks Three Year Hiatus With “Waiting For”

With over three years since he last released music, Jonas Loeb self-released an uncharacteristically heavy track dubbed “Waiting For.” With an infectious pitchy bassline under a catchy vocal hook, this track is ready to get folks “moving & grooving” this summer, as its lyrics would suggest.

Free Write: More sleeping mindfulness

Again, I had some extremely vivid dreams while on vacation in rural TN, complete with several senses hearing (vivid music recollection) and fear. But last night, three things struck me: 1: For me, dreams happen in English. Does that mean those who know more than one language dream in another language? Does anyone have experience […]

Free Write: Dreams

Does creativity training affect or otherwise control not only the content of dreams, but also their structure?