Jonas Loeb Breaks Three Year Hiatus With “Waiting For”

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With over three years since he last released music, Jonas Loeb self-released an uncharacteristically heavy track dubbed “Waiting For.” With an infectious pitchy bassline under a catchy vocal hook, this track is ready to get folks “moving & grooving” this summer, as its lyrics would suggest. At the same time, a surprising spaciousness surrounds the listener and creates the illusion of synthetic voices in the distance.

“For over a decade, I let perfect become the enemy of good. Tinkering endlessly in my work, trying to get everything ‘right’ and ‘perfect’. It required a global catastrophe as serious as the Covid-19 pandemic for me to snap out of it. And I’m never going back. This song is about my new perspective: that it’s better to seize the moment, be practical, and learn by doing rather than overthinking.”

— Jonas Loeb

Listen to “Waiting For” here:

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