Jonas Loeb Brings Thunder With New Single ‘Force of Nature’

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With ‘Force of Nature’, Jonas Loeb presents a thundering yet groovy euphony as the second Single for his forthcoming “Dark Arps EP”, which is slated to be released this summer.

Wet atmospheres join with smooth percussion, resulting in a dark flow just waiting to transport you somewhere to weather out a storm. Discussing the song, Jonas said, “this song reminds me so much of when you pull up to a show but it’s pouring rain and you’re drenched but everyone has a blast anyway.”

He continued, “The title ‘Force of Nature’ references that which pushes us towards our old passions and promises. Honestly, I started this song before the Pandemic, and this has been a long time coming. I love how this song is an example that you can take old ideas and still make something fresh with the new skills you learned along the way.”

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