Quick Write: On Tomorrow

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I’m so excited to unveil the cover art for my for my new song “Tomorrow”, which comes out April 19, 2022 on all platforms!

I love imbuing my art with big questions and philosophy to stoke my curiosity on behalf of listeners. Thus, the following text appears on the cover art:

“Tomorrow is a paradox. When tomorrow ‘comes’ it ceases to be what it once was. It was the future. It became the present for a moment, and it slipped away into the past. How could the future have been anything before it came into being? Tomorrow becomes today, each day for eternity before it slips away into the darkness of the past.

It can never be tomorrow. It exists only as an idea, a way for three dimensional beings to attempt to understand their involuntary one-way travel down a fourth dimension.

Some call this entrapment “The Immediate.” The breadth of our Ken is limited to experience within it. It’s not even clear if experience or consciousness are possible outside of The Immediate. Even if breaking free were possible, escaping The Immediate would require unknowable knowledge.

If you knew what was going to happen in the future, could you still prevent it from coming to pass?”

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