Free Write: More sleeping mindfulness

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Again, I had some extremely vivid dreams while on vacation in rural TN, complete with several senses hearing (vivid music recollection) and fear.

But last night, three things struck me: 1: For me, dreams happen in English. Does that mean those who know more than one language dream in another language? Does anyone have experience dreaming in a language they barely know?

2: Phones don’t seem to exist in the dream realm. Surely such a permeating aspect of life would reflect in our sleeping moments, right? And sure, it takes a long time for tattoos or other totems to show up in dreams, but at this point I’ve had a smart phone for over 10 years. Seems odd, didn’t Bassnectar reference this once?

3: Covid is something that comes and goes in dreams in terms of importance. And this makes sense, since dreams are only going to be a reflection of how we think, whereas in the real world others seem free to make whichever choices they want.

Now that those observations are out of the way, there are several other dream-related questions that may be worth exploring:

  1. Do we feel temperature in dreams, and can that differ from that in the place you are sleeping?
  2. Does the sense of smell and taste exist within dreams, similarly to how sight and hearing exist?
  3. Are sensations in dreams similar in any way to waking hallucinations? (surely someone has explored that question more scientifically than I ever could)
  4. How do we form the places and faces we do within these things? Why is it so common for me to create places in my head, only later to find out they are real? This has happened since my early childhood, strangely.

In any case, each day I become more convinced the mind can be trained to understand what is happening to it at all times, and that doing so as early and often as possible is a worthwhile project.

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