Free Write: Beating Recurring Nightmares

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Tons of folks report having recurring nightmares throughout their lives, and I’m among them. But last night, not one day following my free write of mindfulness in dreams, I was able to see one of my recurring nightmares to the end and beat it.

My memory of the dream itself is hazy now, but the parameters of the recurring nightmare were unmistakable. Same caves, same puzzles, monsters, etc. And yet, where the usual failures occurred, last night I passed those points with easy.

It was almost as if previous failures were trying to tell me “The way will open when you are ready.” So what did I do to become so ready? I’m not sure. Could it have been the mental constitution and mindfulness training I’ve been trying?

And of course, recurring nightmares are towards the bottom of the list of problems I face in life, but I’ll take a symbolic victory when I can get one. There remain 2 other recurring nightmares that remain to be conquered, but they have not come up for years. Does that mean they were similarly defeated, but I just don’t remember? That would be neat.

Anyways, I also find it interesting that interrupting the daily routine (like vacationing in rural TN) would, for two nights in a row, lead to unusually vivid dreams. Am I just more focused on them/me? Or is there something more to this?

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