Free Write: On Weather

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Today was the first day after a long dark Covid winter. It was 80 and windy in Jersey City. I just asked V to take a picture of me… RIP fourth wall?

Anyways, isn’t it shocking how a single nice day elevates the spirit? Folks were out yelling to strangers, smiling, and having fun on the street (with and without masks… of course)

And now, the irony is that it was about this time last year when the pandemic first began. Was today pandemic fatigue? Certainly a mood boost from weather like today was sorely missed last year.

I almost didn’t even notice the change in the seasons last year. I did nothing other than build IATSE CARES and I threw myself at work. It’s fairly surprising, but in times of crisis, that’s just my instinct. I don’t know why, where that comes from, or how that got there.

Anxiety (the unreasonable kind) has been present my entire adult life, but perhaps the condition felt no worse than ever before. In essence — I’d been through hell, far worse mental situations than this?

And so I was able to respond. Sure, I have my problems, but being paralyzed in the pandemic wasn’t one of them.

As a perpetual introvert, I have used this time to work on me EVERY SINGLE DAY. I wonder if my friends pre-pandemic would even recognize me.

But really, this weather also rings the bells of nostalgia. I miss summer concerts and enjoying life with sound and strangers.

But fortunately, I don’t have to choose productivity and fun any longer (see yesterday’s free write)

H.A.G.S. (have a great summer, remember?)

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