Free Write 3/24/21

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Another 15 minutes. It always seems like a long time to write uninterrupted, and my frail left hand always hurts by the end. Oh well, time to give it another go.

What’s interesting is that until now, these free writes were for my eyes only. People watching now? The pressure is on! I am not too concerned, I know my thoughts are pure (though erratic) enough to put into a public forum. Otherwise nonsense like this would end up in the comments or replies of those so unfortunate to have me respond to their wrong opinions, right?

These free writes really are remarkable for creativity, but more so in inserting efficiency into creativity. It’s easy to be creative and make great works if you have unlimited time! But unfortunately, that is not our reality.

I can’t believe this pen is still working! It’s been giving me problems all week. Hand hurts again, but still only halfway done on time.

I’m writing this at 6:00am Eastern, but I’ve already been awake for an hour. It’s so strange that in a few short years I’ve transitioned from being the “CEO” of late night work and all-nighters, and now others tell me I’m a ridiculous morning person.

I suppose some have said the evolutionary concept of morning/night time people stems from ancient folks who had to take shifts serving as lookout at a camp. But looking back, I am frankly surprised at how malleable sleep schedules are.

By the way, it’s always been important to me these are written with pen and paper, so it’s going to be a real PITA to actually transcribe this onto the blog. I’ll just set that up this morning from my phone.
Only 1 minute left! I’m excited for the sun to come up and have everyone wake up to a well prepared me. Have a great day y’all. Time for some hand stretches!

A photo of the pen-and-paper 3/24/21 free write

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